Kalastyle soap is made in the USA taking great pride in producing soap, hand cream and candles from both sustainable and local products. Their high quality products nuture the skin and senses to leave you feeling great.  The packaging is bold and mades a statement.

These soaps are made from natural ingredients.  Choose from several scents and invigorating feeling after use.  Plastic free, Recycled and Vegan.

each bar is 4oz and measures 2.8" x 1.5"

SWEDISH DREAM SEA SALT SOAP -  Its signature salty scent smells like crisp ocean air. A rich foamy lather and natural exfoliators keep skin soft & smooth all day long. Great for a healthy shave, drop the bar in any mug and lather up, or use it on your legs.

Sea Salt is: exfoliating + refreshing 

Notes: Cool, crisp ocean air

SEA SALT LEMON SOAP - The Sea Salt Lemon Soap features classic sea salt scrubbers with a twist of lemon citrus oils. Its zesty fragrance is warm and uplifting, like sunshine in a box.

Sea Salt Summer Lemon is: exfoliating + refreshing 

Notes: Bright citrus heaven

SEAWEED SOAP -  Active marine algae extracted from select seaweeds act as a protective moisturizer for the skin. Seaweed is a gentle clarifier, removing impurities while leaving the skin ultra-fresh, clean & soft. These skin-boosting properties combined with our lightly floral, beachy scent make this a classic, top-selling bar.

Seaweed is: hydrating + nourishing 

Notes: a warm summer breeze with a hint of gentle florals

NORDIC + WELLNESS SEA SALT SOAP - Hand-harvested sea salt from a woman- owned farm in Norway, combined with gorgeous bits of sugar kelp (seaweed) make this the ultimate body bar for year-round softness. Organic sea salt effectively clears pores and removes dead skin cells, while sugar kelp works as a hydration hero, leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh. A magical cleansing duo, straight from the Norwegian Sea!

Sea Salt is: exfoliating + purifying I Seaweed is: mineral-rich + hydrating

Notes: crisp & clean salty air, energizing, subtle hint of summer florals

VITAMIN C SOAP - Arctic blend of powerful ingredients extracted from wild berries, plants, herbs & flowers. These restorative ingredients contain potent antioxidants known to combat environmental stressors while protecting the skin.

Cloudberries are known as the “Gold of the Arctic” and contain up to four times more Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C promotes collagen production and is considered the superior topical antioxidant for radiant, healthy skin.

Vitamin C is: lightly exfoliating + antioxidant-rich

Notes: uplifting, energizing, freshly squeezed citrus


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