Fitch and Fennel is our newest collection of all things spices and condiments.  Each one is uniquely curated to add an amazing taste to your recipe.  Multiple uses for each item.

Vermont small batch maple syrup - use on pancakes, waffles, glaze for meats (8oz)

truffle & parmesan garlic - use on meat, french fries or add to a pasta dish (4oz)

fitch & fennel original seasoning - mustard, fennel, parsley & thyme.  a fragrant herbaceous flavor (4oz)

mesquite seasoning rub - rich flavor of mesquite smoke. use on anything from meats to potato chips. (2.5oz tin)

cape cod seasoningcelery, bay & mustard with premium spices to create a coastal seasoning.  this seasoning is a stellar addition to any seafood dish. (3.5oz tin)

porcini champignon -  sea salt that is made by blending natural sea salt with real porcini mushrooms and a custom combination of seasonings. (4.5oz)

saffron pink peppercorn sea saltan aromatic blend of natural sea salt seasoned with a mix of ground pink peppercorns and genuine saffron. Perfect for risotto! (4oz)

sweet bourbon grilling sauce - this sauce combines the saltiness of the soy sauce & the sweetness of the brown sugar. Great on salmon, ribs, & any other types of meat. (13.5oz)

bacon & apple jam - apples and bacon are slow simmered in sugar & apple juice to create this sweet, savory jam. Top it on burgers, baked brie, or spread it on a BLT! (9oz)

seville orange & fennel preserves - a twist on classic marmalades, Seville Orange + Fennel Preserves combines sour Seville oranges & sugar with fresh fennel bulb. Brighten up your charcuterie board with this citrusy spread or try it on top of grilled chicken or pork. (9oz)

lemon dill & caper horseradish dip - the pungency of horseradish pairs nicely with dill & capers, making this bright & zesty dip perfect on salmon. try it in coleslaw, on meat & cheese boards, in potato salad or on a turkey club. (9oz)

hibiscus chile-lime salt  - is an elegant, flavorful combination of spicy chile peppers, tart Hibiscus powder, and refreshing lime. This blend perfectly complements a wide array of foods and drinks.

french gray sea salt - is a moist, unrefined salt with a complex yet mild taste. Harvested by hand from the most renowned salt marshes of France, it is versatile as a cooking or finishing salt

Carolina-style barbeque -  use our Tangy Mustard BBQ Sauce on pork, beef, or chicken at your next cookout. Impress your guests with this lovingly crafted sauce filled with premium ingredients and a delicious blend of spices.

fire roasted habanero sauceThis smoky blend of peppers and spices in the Fire Roasted Hot Sauce is a delicious way to impart both flavor and heat to your favorite dishes. 

all purpose - Add bright, tangy flavor to any dish with this All-Purpose Seasoning. We carefully combine aromatic ingredients like garlic, spicy red chile flakes, and orange peel with tangy mustard, thyme, sea salt, and a balanced medley of additional herbs and spices

mediterranean - flavorful medley of butcher-cut black peppercorns, sea salt, garlic, Aleppo chile and Mediterranean oregano.

Hot pepper jelly hot pepper jelly pairs perfectly with crackers and cream cheese or spread on a biscuit.



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